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Rebels Outlast Mercer, Win By One In Final Summer Game

The Harrodsburg Herald/Casey Roberts
Trevor Ellis stands his ground against a Boyle County Rebel in the Titans’ final summer game on Thursday, June 22.

April Ellis
Herald Staff

The Mercer County Senior High Titans wrapped up their summer play against the Boyle County Rebels Thursday, June 22. The game went back and forth, but the Rebels ended with the upper hand winning the game by one, 53-52.

The game started out 2-2 and John Lincoln Perry had a layup off of forward movement from a Titans rebound. However, Boyle’s Montavin Quisenberry came out hot behind the ark with back-to-back 3-point shots to take the 10-4 lead. The Titans’ defense worked to shut him down. Trevor Ellis had a 3-point shot of his own followed by a put back to draw the game a little tighter, 10-9. With Quisenberry covered,  Geordon Brown sank a three from the top of the key and Boyle ended the quarter up, 13-9.

Ellis battled at the post to put one in and keep it at a four point game. Ashton Drakeford poured on the defensive pressure and was able to knock the ball loose and convert it into a layup for two points. The Titans inched back, but Boyle wasn’t phased, sinking shots at the perimeter. The Rebels would let it fly, but Mercer was more conservative passing instead of shooting and Coach Keith Adkins was not happy about it. One too many passes made for turn overs. Donavan Wright was able to convert a steal into a bucket, but the Titans closed the half down 25-19.

Mercer came out of the half with aggressive play. Ellis blocked a shot that Drakeford recovered for a layup but was fouled. He hit one of two foul shot. On the defensive end John Lincoln Perry blocked a shot and once again Drakeford recovered the ball and this time made the layup.

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