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Bulldogs Unable To Stop Patriots’ Run

The Harrodsburg Herald/Jordan Axsom
J.T. Boswell pitched for Burgin in their regular season finale against Lincoln County Saturday, May 13. Boswell logged three strikeouts in three innings.

Jordan Axsom
Herald Staff

On Saturday, May 13, the Burgin Bulldogs faced the Lincoln County Patriots. They struggled to contain the high-powered offense of the Patriots, giving up nine runs, 9-1, to wrap up the regular season for the Bulldogs.

Burgin came ready to play, handing Lincoln one out immediately on a ground out to first baseman senior Eli Newby. Freshman Adrian Quiroz connected with Newby for a second out, but they did give up a run in the process. Lincoln put another run on the board, but sophomore pitcher J.T. Boswell stopped the momentum with a strike to close out the bottom of the first and give the Bulldog’s offense a chance.

Quiroz hit a single to start off the inning. Senior David Lynn was then hit by a pitch, advancing Quiroz to second, but Burgin couldn’t capitalize and left two runners on base with three straight strikeouts. The first inning ended with Burgin down, 0-2.

Newby handed Lincoln a quick out with a grounder at first. Lincoln brought in another run and Boswell had another strikeout trying to contain the damage. The Patriots followed with a double to bring in another runner. Junior Andrew Hays caught a fly ball to end the top of the second. Lincoln led 4-0.

The Bulldogs couldn’t do anything against Patriot pitcher Caleb Carrier and went three up and three down to finish the second inning.

Boswell continued to give everything he had from the mound and struck out another batter for the first out of the third inning. Senior second baseman Landon Oakes caught a fly ball and Newby snagged another ground out. They held Lincoln to one run in the top of the third, 5-0.

Carrier retired three straight Bulldogs to the dugout and Burgin struggled to mount an offense.

Quiroz subbed in as pitcher and Burgin’s defense held strong. Oakes caught a fly out at second. Lynn earned the second out with a fly to third base. Newby finished the top of the fourth with an out at first and the Bulldogs held the Patriots scoreless for the inning.

Lynn made it on base after he was hit by a pitch. Oakes followed with a single. Zachary Logue earned the RBI and brought Lynn home to put Burgin on the board, but Oakes was tagged out at second and ended the fourth inning down 5-1.

The Bulldogs then gave Lincoln three straight outs off-grounders. Lincoln returned the favor and neither team scored in the fifth inning.

With two outs on the books, Burgin gave up three runs, before stalling the Patriots offense, but the damage was done, 8-1.

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