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School Board Approves Some Final Touches For Athletic Complex

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Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The Mercer County Board of Education approved putting some finishing touches on the new athletic complex. At last week’s school board meeting, they approved three change orders totaling $25,000.

Suzanne Irwin, project architect for RossTarrant Architects, took the board through the change orders, starting with $7,247.94 for baseball dugout storm drainage piping. Irwin said the elevation had to be reworked. Irwin called it an oversight.

“So who’s fault is that?” asked board member Billy G. Montgomery.

Irwin said without this change, the pipe would have been visible and exposed.

“With the change, it’s underground where it’s supposed to be,” Irwin said.

The second change order was $4,424 for new drain basin drainage at the soccer field. Irwin said concrete pad had a field drain that had not been located on the surveys. She said they had to relocate the pipe to drain the area. Irwin said this does not repair the issue with drainage, that is currently being worked on.

“I don’t anticipate it needing a change order,” Irwin said.

The third work order was for $13,500 which included electrical work at the ball field. Irwin said the work had been done, but there was an increase in cost, which had been reviewed by RossTarrant. She said conduit that feeds the outfield lighting had to be reworked and relocated. Irwin said the location was not where it had been anticipated. After the dugout had been demolished, it had to be refit.

“It wasn’t damaged, it was found to be a different location,” Irwin said.

Board member Amber Franceschi asked why it needed to be relocated. Irwin, said it was in the way of the new location of the baseball field.

Superintendent Jason Booher said the lighting and circuit breakers used to be located behind home plate by the press box, but they had to be rerouted around the footers for the dugouts. The board also approved a change order—a : credit of $1,600—for the soccer lift station control panel.

The board also agreed to request for proposals for the Mercer County Intermediate School cafeteria. Funding will come from fund 51. Nutrition and Food Service Director Chris Minor said they’ve had a good success with the kitchen at King Middle School. Since the do-over at KMS, Minor said breakfast participation is up 13 percent while lunch participation is up 30 percent. Minor said they hope to have the kitchen ready to go by the start of the school year.

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