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City Holds Off On Stop Sign

Harrodsburg Fire Department Gets New Facebook Page

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Robert Moore
Herald Staff

The City of Harrodsburg has held off on adding a stop sign at the corner of East Factory Street and Greenville Street. At the Harrodsburg City Commission’s regular meeting on Monday, April 24—their first meeting on Facebook—the commissioners did not give second reading to an ordinance that would have installed a three-way stop at the intersection.
Commissioner Missy Banks originally moved to install the stop sign after observing traffic at the intersection on weekends over the past two months. Banks who oversees the police and fire departments, said people are speeding and jumping the railroad tracks. However, on Monday, the commissioner said the city would put up a speed limit sign first to see if it makes a difference.

Public Works Director Frank Lukitsch said the speed limit sign would be installed within the week if the city had any in inventory.

While the city commission gave no reason for the reversal, the idea was not popular, at least according to the Facebook comments on the Harrodsburg Herald’s article on the last city commission meeting. None of the commenters approved of the idea, with one calling it a “waste of money” and another saying: “Why more signs! A lot of people don’t stop at the ones we have!”

On Monday, the commission also gave second reading to ordinance 2023-07 accepting Newby Drive, Rainbow Court and Pinkston Court into the city.

In other business, the Harrodsburg City Commission made personnel moves. The commissioners approved August 14 as the starting date for Zack Carrico and Austin Price in the Harrodsburg Police Department pending phase II and oral interviews. The pay for Carrico and Price will increase to $15.50 an hour.

They also voted to promote Shane Naylor and Christopher Wexler as a captains with Harrodsburg Fire Department effective April 27 pending a drug test and alcohol test. With the promotions, Naylor and Wexler will earn $16.85 per hour. Interim Chief Michael Cox also recognized Wexler for his five years of service with the city.

The commission voted to change Firefighter James Mathe’s status from part-time to full-time with the Harrodsburg Fire Department effective May 5. Mathe’s salary goes to $12.85 per hour pending a drug test and alcohol test.

Finally, the commissioners approved a new Facebook page for the Harrodsburg Fire Department. Commissioner Banks attributed the need for a new page to the recent change in leadership at the fire department.

In March, Chief Logan Steele announced he would retire on May 1 after 20 years. Earlier this month, the commission voted in a special-called meeting to terminate Lt. Jamie Bottom and Capt. Derrick Steele for a litany of reasons, including an alleged romantic affair, but which the firefighters claimed were actually tied to a recent vote to unionize.

Banks said Chief Cox and Austin Jackson will oversee the Facebook page. She said they can’t get into the old page. Moving forward, City Attorney Norrie Currens said the email and passwords need to be connected to city, not to individual firefighters.

Commissioner Charlie Mattingly questioned the value of a social media page.

“It can lead to a lot of problems,” Mattingly said.

City officials said the page helps the department get information out.

“It’s a good way to communicate to the public,” said Currens.

The approval was necessary because of revisions to the city’s policies and procedures. The commission also approved the Harrodsburg Police Department’s page. Both approvals went into effect immediately.

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