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Burgin Struggles At The Plate, Drops District Game To East Jessamine

The Harrodsburg Herald/Jordan Axsom
Burgin’s Adrian Quiriz raced to beat the throw to first during the Bulldogs’ loss to East Jessamine.

Jordan Axsom
Herald Staff

The Burgin Bulldogs watched the game slip away early and couldn’t recover in a 13-0 loss to district rival East Jessamine Jaguars on Wednesday, April 12.

The East Jessamine Varsity Jaguars got things moving in the first inning, when Will Harrison singled on a 2-1 count, scoring two runs.

One bright spot for the Bulldogs was a single by senior David Lynn in the second inning.

Freshman Phillip Dodson toed the rubber for the Bulldogs. The righty went two innings, allowing eight runs on four hits and striking out two.  Adrian Quiriz threw three innings in relief.

The Bulldogs started off hot with a quick out from a fly ball to short-stop Quiriz. The Bulldogs then threw a strikeout to give the Jaguars two outs early in the top of the first. Burgin’s momentum was quickly killed after two quick points from the Jaguars. With the bases loaded freshman Brayden Pittman came up with a huge third out stopping East from making a game-changing play.

Burgin could not capitalize on their opportunity at bat with three consecutive outs.

Although the first inning did not go as planned, it looked like things were about to turn a corner with a Dodson strikeout. Quiriz earned the second out, but the Jaguars started to increase their lead with two back-to-back runs pushing the lead to 4-0.  The Bulldogs did not hang their heads for long. Second baseman senior Landon Oakes snatched a grounder and connected with senior Eli Newby to secure the last out ending the inning 4-0.

To start the second inning, Lynn hit a single and made it on base. The next play hurt, when East had the double play that caught Lynn advancing to second. Oakes struck out to end the inning.

In the top of the third, East scored three runs almost immediately and pushed the score to 7-0. Quiriz came in to relieve Dodson. The next pitch was a big hit to center field, but Zachary  Logue launched it to the first baseman and Newby got the runner out. East put up three more runs until Quiriz struck out two batters to end the inning.

The Bulldogs had back-to-back outs but had two runners on base after Dodson took a hit from the pitcher and Quiriz got on base from a single. Unfortunately, it was short-lived because on the next pitch, Burgin picked up their third out.

East continued to dominate scoring another two quick runs, 12-0. The Bulldogs earned three consecutive outs with a fly ball caught by Quiriz on the mound, a fly out to first baseman Newby and then a strikeout. The Jags did manage to score a run in this sequence extending the lead to 13-0.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Bulldogs picked up three quick outs coming off a double play and a foul in play catching Lynn at second.

In the top of the fifth, Burgin handed the Jags three outs in a row with a fly ball caught by Lynn, Newby at first with a throw from Mason Singleton, and a fly ball caught by Pittman at third.

Logue, Pittman and Dodson all struck out, ending the game 13-0.

Ryan Dugger was on the pitcher’s mound for East Jessamine. The righty surrendered zero runs on two hits over five innings, striking out five.

Senior David Lynn and Quiriz each managed one hit to lead the Bulldogs.

The East Jessamine Varsity Jaguars racked up eight hits in the game.  Anthony Kidwell and Harrison each managed multiple hits for the Jaguars.

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