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‘Grease’ Is The Word At Mercer County Senior High School Starting Friday, April 21

The Harrodsburg Herald/April Ellis
Landon Howard, center, as Danny Zuko, and his fellow T-Birds, Carter Wilson, left, and Logan Yates, right, sing “Summer Lovin'” in the Mercer County Senior High School’s production of “Grease.”

April Ellis
Herald Staff

Beloved characters Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson will be back at Rydell High where they sing and dance their way through teenage love set in the 1950s in Mercer County Senior High’s production of “Grease.” A classic that has stood the test of time, “Grease” will have the audience wanting to join in the hand jive and hum to familiar tunes like “Summer Nights,” “Greased Lightning” and “Beauty School Dropout.” Performances will be held Friday, April 21, at 7 p.m.; Saturday, April 22, at 2 and 7 p.m.; and Sunday, April 23, at 2 p.m. in Mercer’s auditorium.

“There are a few reasons why we chose to do ‘Grease,’ including familiarity, nostalgia, energy and themes,” said Emilee Givens, director of choral activities and musical theater at Mercer. “‘Grease’ is a well-known story and many people are familiar with the characters and plot, which makes it more appealing to watch on stage. ‘Grease’ is set in the 1950s and includes classic pop and rock n’ roll music from that time period which could resonate with audiences.”

“The musical features high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs, which create an exciting and upbeat atmosphere and it tackles themes of teenage rebellion, first love and self-discovery, which can be relatable to many people, especially high school-age students dealing with similar issues,” Givens said.

Auditions were held this past December. Since January, the cast and crew have been learning to sing, dance, build sets and more three days a week for over two hours at a time. The students have transformed the stage into Rydell High School and the Frosty Palace, the two main hangouts from the movie.

“Audiences can expect a fun and entertaining musical experience that captures the spirit of high school in a bygone era,” said Givens. “Our set is a unit set designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the era, while also providing a simple yet versatile backdrop to the musical’s story and action.”

The audience will be in for a treat with the return of the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds and the songs they have grown to love since the movies release in 1978. Frenchy’s pink hair will even make an appearance.

“Grease is a classic and popular musical that many people know and love. So, there is some pressure to do justice to the show’s iconic characters, storyline and songs,” said Givens. “Our students and staff involved have the creativity, talent and dedication to bring this musical to life, which in turn will result in a successful production.”

Audiences can see Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie and the whole gang later this month and the students have enjoyed playing the iconic characters.

“What I love most about performing is being able to express such a fun and unique characters and make it into my own style and seeing what all of my friends do with theirs,” said junior Presley Boyne who plays Sandy Olsson. “Playing Sandy has been an absolute dream come true. She is such a sweet and innocent girl who just wants to fit in at a new school and I feel like I can relate to her and understand where her feelings come from especially as she goes along this journey of love and truly finding herself.”

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at

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