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Harrodsburg Needs 150 Customers To Sign Up To Bring Back Recycling

Spc. Jeffery Porter and Spc. Ashley Chandler of the 525th Military Police Battalion work through a box of recycled aluminum cans in Guantanamo, Cuba. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Harrodsburg needs 150 more people to sign up before Republic Services will reintroduce recycling.

In October, the city announced they needed 100 people to sign up to bring back recycling. Amy Kays-Huffman, the water department supervisor for the City of Harrodsburg. Hays-Huffman said Republic Services has said they now need 200 people to sign up. Just over 50 people have registered so far, Kays-Huffman said.

“I’m trying to work with them on pricing,” Kays-Huffman said at the Harrodsburg City Commission’s regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 27. She said they hope to get more customers signed by offering one pick up a month at $3.80 for one pick-up a month. Those who sign up will get an additional bin for plastics, paper and glass. The cost for two pick-ups is $7.60 a month, but only if enough people sign up.

Kays-Huffman said they are meeting with local art teachers to discuss getting students creating art with recycled materials to be put on display in the community. She said the city would be happy to hear any suggestions to promote recycling in the area.

Harrodsburg City Hall is located at 208 South Main Street. For more information, call 859-734-2312.

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