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‘Dancing Lady’ Lives Again In Young’s Park New Mural

The Harrodsburg Herald/Lane Hall
The city publicly revealed the new mural by artist Laura Sullivan at Young’s Park Saturday. The mural represents what a grand ball at Graham Springs may have looked like in the 1800s.

Lane Hall

Herald Staff

On Saturday, July 9, Young’s Park publicly unveiled their new mural. The mural is an artistic interpretation from local artist Laura Sullivan of what a grand ball held at the Grand Hotel of Graham Springs would’ve looked like in the 1800s at the peak of its popularity.

People from all over the world once traveled to Harrodsburg to attend the balls, bathe in the healing springs and experience the luxurious nature of what was then a resort.

City Commissioner Jennifer Kazimer welcomed guests and gave a tour of the newly remodeled shelter house adjacent to the new mural.

Parents were encouraged to bring their children, who not only added to a separate canvas painting done by Julie Coy, chair of the Harrodsburg 250th Celebration Mural Committee, and were told the story of the legendary “dancing lady” by Marian Bauer, a historic storyteller. Nancy Hill, president of the Harrodsburg Historical Society, retold the history of Graham Springs Resort.

The dancing lady herself made an appearance, taking pictures with the kids and joining in on the fun. They were also treated to a rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” by Mary Jo Lawson, a popular song from the time period in which the mural takes place.

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