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The Best Week of the Year


I love this time of year in our churches. This week our church celebrated what I refer to as the best week of the entire year. This week, at HBC was our Vacation Bible School. 

I have such vivid memories growing up in the church where my father was the pastor and  attending VBS. The annual event triggers countless joy filled memories. My father was a wonderful pastor, but his greatest skill may have come to light when it came to planning Vacation Bible School each year. 

The summer in which I was entering the seventh grade I realized that I was too old to attend Bible School at my church, which was only for Kindergarten through fifth grade,  so I went to my dad and told him I wanted to help out in any way that I could. 

That year he let me tag along in the planning process, help produce the weeks events and participate in the skits in the closing ceremonies. It was while working with him that year, I came to an amazing discovery. As much fun as it was to attend VBS, serving at it was even better. 

After leaving the church I grew up in and returning to Alabama, where my family originates from, we started attending Luke 4:18 Fellowship. As summer approached the Children’s pastor there asked my brother and I to assist with that year’s VBS by being the emcees in the opening and closing rallies each night. We excitedly agreed and had so much fun doing it, we came back and did it again the next year. 

For the next three summers I would have the opportunity to work as the Children’s and Family intern for that wonderful church. Together we cheered as the Heroes of Mega City saved the day, hung loose at the Beach Blast, and journeyed through the galaxy at warp speed at VBS: The Next Generation. 

Since moving to Kentucky my time here could almost be marked by Vacation Bible School memories. Just a month or so after being hired on as the Children’s and Family pastor at Junction Church in Danville, we were ‘In The Wild’ exploring God’s greatness. 

In 2020 one of the saddest things I experienced in a year full of disappointment was not being able to have VBS due to the pandemic. 

As the world made its way back to a new normal, Junction Church was On the Trail learning about the Exodus of

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David Carpenter looks forward to Vacation Bible School each year having served in a variety of ways.

God’s people. That week was full of emotions for me, knowing that I would soon be leaving Junction and coming to Harrodsburg. The joy and fullness I felt knowing what I had watched God do in my time there, combined with the excitement of the opportunity of coming to HBC is something that will make that week stand out in my memories forever. 

I love Vacation Bible School. Of course any fun loving person would find joy in such a wonderful event. For me the joy I experience goes far beyond the surface level. In my years of attending and serving at VBS, I’ve watched hundreds of kids give their lives to Jesus. I’ve experienced God’s faithfulness to unite church communities around the, at times, daunting task of making the event happen, and yes I have had lots of fun. 

I hope your church has Bible School this summer. If it does make sure your kids or grandkids are signed up to be there. I know so many people whose lives were forever impacted by a VBS. 

If you’re able, I’d encourage you to volunteer as well. Yes, you will be tired. No, it may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but I promise you the encouragement you will receive will far outweigh the fatigue you will feel. Psalm 145:4 reminds us of the importance of sharing our faith with the generation to come, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”

This week as my church community explores the wonder and amazement that is found in our awesome God I am going to reflect on God’s goodness to me. I am going to rejoice that he has been faithful in my life for so many years, whether it was in my home church growing up, at Luke 4:18 Fellowship, Junction, On the Trail, in the science lab, amongst the sky scrapers of Mega City, exploring galaxies far far away, or right here in Harrodsburg. God has been so good to me and all my friends. Forever I will be thankful to our Awesome God for letting me be just a small part of the story he is telling. 

PS 106:1 Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

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