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Salvisa’s Gwyn Morgan publishes first book

11-Year-Old Salvisa Author Publishes First Book

Photo: Make-A-Wish Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky
Gwyn Morgan, left, an 11-year-old from Salvisa, wrote a book with help from her mom and her cousin, who provided the illustrations. “Drippy: The Tale Of The Sad Rain Cloud” was released on April 30.

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Gwyn Morgan, an 11 year old from Salvisa, has a book out and it might be just the thing to read with all the sad news these days.

Gwyn Morgan knows a thing or two about sad news. She is fighting glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer that attacks the brain and spinal cord. She says she wanted to write a book showing sadness is a healthy emotion, and that everyone has something to offer.

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana granted Morgan’s wish on April 29, World Wish Day, and on Saturday, April 30, she did a book signing at Poor Richard’s Books in Frankfort, where she sold hundreds of copies, according to the foundation.

Morgan’s battle against cancer began in November 2020.

“Gwyn started out of the blue just exhibiting flu-like symptoms and so I didn’t think it was more than that,” Heather Morgan, Gwyn’s mother, told Spectrum News 1. “By the next day, we knew we needed to take her in.”

After Gwyn was diagnosed with glioblastoma, her family—which includes parents Heather and Zach and sisters Lorraine and Marian—began traveling to the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Photo: Make-A-Wish Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky
Gwyn Morgan (seated) pictured here with her sisters, Lorraine and Marian, and her mother, Heather, has published her first book. The proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

While the cancer has impacted Gwyn’s ability to speak and think, she has fond memories of her family reading to her and she wanted to pass on that joy to others. Working with her mom and her cousin Gina McColl, who provided the illustrations, she wrote a book of her own.

The book is called “Drippy: The Tale of the Sad Rain Cloud.” While it’s written for children, it has the kind of lesson even an adult can stand to hear from time to time: about sadness and how it can lead to joy and growth.

The author said she’s happy with the reception her book has received so far.

“It’s exciting, and it brings a lot of pride,” Gwyn Morgan told Spectrum News 1.

The Morgan family says none of it would be possible without their faith, family and friends, and without Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. To order a copy, visit All proceeds go to Make-A-Wish.

To learn about Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, visit

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