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Talking With Sandra DeFoor About The Mercer County Health Department

The Harrodsburg Herald/Robert Moore
Local and college officials gathered last year for the grand opening of the Commonwealth Credit Union Center For Health Services, which includes the Sandra Defoor School of Nursing and the Dr. Robert Darnell Limited Medical Radiography building at CU Harrodsburg. DeFoor, a longtime advocate for local health, also chairs the Mercer County Board of Health.

Lane Hall

Herald Staff

Sandra Defoor RN, BSN, was honored last year for her efforts to keep Mercer County residents healthy. (Image: CU Harrodsburg).

(Editor’s Note: The Harrodsburg Herald is continuing a series highlighting members of the numerous boards and organizations in Mercer County.)

As the Mercer County Health Department continues to aid in COVID-19 recovery, this week’s focus is on Sandra DeFoor, RN, BSN, the chair of the Mercer County Board of Health, who is working to expand the health department’s outreach.

DeFoor has served on the board since the mid 1980s, after she moved to Mercer in 1979. She said her experience as a nurse at the James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital guided her passion for helping those in need.

“We’re concerned about the wider health of the community and prevention is the key,” DeFoor said. “The past three years have been dominated by COVID-19. We’re trying to settle back in.”

She spotlighted the health department’s work with schools, factories and hospitals, attempting to improve their outreach and make the community safer and better informed. At the same time, she understands that COVID-19 is far from over. The Health Department continues to provide vaccinations and boosters to all who need them.

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