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Ginnie Terry ‘along for the ride’ with making music

Ginnie Terry ‘along for the ride’ with making music 

Mercer County resident, Ginnie Terry is scheduled to perform at the Live Oak in Nashville, Tenn, Feb. 22.

April Ellis

Herald Staff

Mercer County resident  Ginnie Terry has been singing most of her life and had the opportunity to record a CD, entitled “A Satisfied Me,” which is set to release later this year.  While getting ready to promote her music and sign with a record company, Terry was diagnosed with cancer. While the diagnosis may have slowed her some, she is determined to keep a positive attitude and share her music.

Terry, who is an over the road, or long haul, truck driver with her husband Mark, may not automatically have people thinking musician, but Terry first hit the stage at age 8 and has been singing ever since.

“My mother’s husband was a drummer and I got on the stage at 8-years-old at the VFW and I’ve been on it ever since in one form or fashion,” said Terry.

Terry has sung with church, local bands, community choir and theatre. She has performed with numerous local bands at venues from fairs and barbecues to weddings and large corporate events in California, Florida and Kentucky, where she currently resides. Along the way she has also worked as a demo singer and provided voice overs for radio and television.

She put her dreams of being a singer on the back burner to raise her family. Once her children were grown, she auditioned for the popular Florida band, The Mystery Band and traveled all over Florida and Georgia playing for large weddings and corporate events for up to 4000 people.

Having all but given up on her dreams of a music career, she was encouraged to continue with the idea and recorded a CD of her personal favorites. Her CD found its way into the hands of producer Eddie Kilgallon in his studio, Off the Row Studio, in Franklin, Tenn.

Kilgallon played keyboards for country music bands Montgomery Gentry  and Ricochet and co-wrote George Straight’s 1997 song of the year “One Night At A Time.”

“It was exciting and very amazing to get the call,” said Terry. “It took us a while to do it, going back and forth from Kentucky to Tennessee, but it was fantastic to get the invitation.”

Terry was able to record with A-list engineers and accompaniment. 

“We would never had access to a professional studio like that,” she said.

Two of the singles from the CD have been released. The first was “Where Love Goes to Die” in November of 2021 and “A Better Lie” was just released in January. Later this year, “It’s not Love” is also scheduled to be released. 

“I hope people who listen to my music can feel connected and really engaged,” said Terry. “Not all of it is happy stuff, I hope I project

Photo Submitted
Ginnie Terry stands in front of her billboard promoting her Feb. 22 show in Nashville, Tenn.

the story of the song and it is thought provoking.”

While performing and recording has been a great experience, Terry’s life has mimicked her music and it hasn’t been all happy stuff for her.

The day before signing with an Nashville independent label, MC1, Terry was diagnosed with cancer.

“It is real important to be a glass is half full kind of person,” she said.

Terry has come off the road for treatments, but still plans to perform at the Live Oak in Nashville on Feb. 22.

“I’ve become an expert at tying scarves and fixing wigs,” joked Terry. “I keep good positive thoughts and will continue to do so. I’m along for the ride.”

She has two music videos on YouTube than can be found by searching her name. The video for the track “A Better Lie” was filmed locally and shows some familiar places and faces. Those interested in purchasing her CD can contact her through email at or website or follow her on Facebook at Ginnie Terry Music.

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    Thank you so much April Ellis and the Harrodsburg Herald for such a wonderful article!!

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