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Remembering The Fair

All The Fun Of The Fair

The folks on the Tsunami were kind of up in the air when we took their picture.

The 194th Whitaker Bank Mercer County Fair and Horse Show may be history, but fair-goers have a solid two weeks of happy memories to last them until the fair returns next year. (Pictures by Robert Moore).

Aiden Pittman, Holland Patterson and Rylee Curtsinger seemed to be having a blast on the big slide.

Jordan Rider kept a sharp eye on the horses.

Ringmaster Charlie Wilson had his hands full keeping the contestants in the stick horse derby on track.

All the contestants in the stick horse derby won a prize, but Sinai Dunn doesn’t seem as happy as her “horse,” Sindicat “Sid” Dunn.

Ashley Likins, Jaxten Likins and Keegan Baker kept their balance on the Dizzy Diggers.

Photographer Doug Shiflet and Ringmaster Charlie Wilson listen while organist Gene Wright tells a story about a horse.

Some people complain about life going around in circles but Jo and John Hawkins seem to be enjoying it.

Overheard in the stables: “If you can show a horse in Mercer County, you can show a horse anywhere.”

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