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National Day Of Prayer Events On May 6

The Harrodsburg Herald/Jennifer Marsh
Pastors of the Mercer Ministerial Association will gather to pray for participation in The National Day of Prayer celebration on Main Street Thursday, May 6, at noon and at Pioneer Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Pictured: Steven Dresen, Pam Sims, Daryl Catlett, Chris Darland and John Kesel.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

Harrodsburg will be celebrating the National Day of Prayer with two events on Thursday, May 6, with music, devotionals and prayer. The first gathering will be held at noon on Main Street in front of the judicial center and the second will be an evening devotional held at the Pioneer Baptist Church at  7 p.m.

“When we look at the life of Jesus as we see in scripture, he took time to pray and rest. In society today, everyone is so focused on everything else they have to do that they neglect the need to recharge both physically and spiritually,” said Chris Darland, pastor of Harrodsburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church. “Hopefully, the National Day of Prayer and the community services that we have planned will inspire the community to refocus and recommit to a deeper relationship with God through prayer.”

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