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Couple Believe Hunters Killed Their Family Pet

Jazz, a German Shepherd, was barely a year old when she was shot to death. Her owners, Sherman and Drew Fracher, believe she was shot by a hunter. (Image submitted by Sherman Fracher).

Robert Moore
Herald Staff

Local officials are warning hunters to be more respectful in how they dispose of their waste. But for one local couple, it goes beyond that. They believe a hunter may have killed their dog.

Sherman Fracher and her husband Drew Fracher operate Abiding Grace Farm on Bushtown Road. They say their German Shepherd, Jazz, was shot on the last day of deer season, Youth Day, when hunters take their children out for their first hunt.

Sherman Fracher said Jazz wasn’t quite a year old. The dog was a gift from her husband. Fracher said they released Jazz every morning. Fracher said Jazz was a good dog who always answered their calls. When Jazz hadn’t returned in 15 minutes, they knew something was wrong.

Drew Fracher went to search for the dog. When he found Jazz, she was dead. She had been shot to death.

“It was a terrible, terrible day,” Fracher said.

Drew Fracher, a hunter himself,  has lived off and on in Mercer County since 1978. The couple have lived here full-time for six years.

“We’ve always been happy here,” Sherman Fracher said. “We’ve never had any problems.”

They do their best to keep their dogs on their property.

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