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Pioneers Raise New Soccer Fieldhouse

Harrodsburg Herald/Sam Warren
CU Harrodsburg’s new 4,200 square foot sports facility will be used by both the soccer and track and field programs.

Sam Warren

Herald Staff

The CU Harrodsburg Pioneers are nearly finished constructing their new soccer fieldhouse. The fieldhouse will include three locker rooms, two for the Pioneers, and one for the away team. A hospitality suite and a media room on the second floor are also included in the 4200 square foot building.

The building stands on the Southeast corner of the Pioneer’s turf track and overlooks the track and soccer field. While the facility is not completely finished, it should be completed by August 15 of this year, when Pioneers soccer players are set to arrive on campus.

“We are about 95 percent complete, just some finishing touches to do now. It should be complete by the time soccer players arrive on campus,” said CU Harrodsburg Athletic Director Dalton Christopher.

The rise of a college athletic department is something Harrodsburg has never experienced, and CU Harrodsburg is doing their best to give the people of Harrodsburg something to cheer for on a local college stage. The Pioneer’s athletic staff knew that giving the athletes an adequate sports facility would be necessary to kick-off and prolong the Pioneer’s success on the soccer field, and on the track. Good equipment and new facilities can contribute to the overall success of an athletic department and that is surely what Christopher is hoping for.

The facility will house the soccer program immediately following its completion, and it will also house the track and field program beginning in the fall of 2021. Christopher believes this facility can give the Pioneers a boost in recruiting while also allowing CU Harrodsburg to aid its student-athletes properly.

“I believe it will offer us a competitive edge in recruiting for our new programs. It’s also important because it allows us to offer more opportunities for our coaches and staff to serve students with this space. It’s also something our community can be proud of as we represent them in competition,” said Christopher.

This new building is one of the many reasons to be excited about the future of CU Harrodsburg athletics. There are not many great sports programs that don’t also have great sports facilities, and the Pioneers are trying to give their athletes a head start over the competition.

“I’m so excited to launch our soccer programs with the facilities and coaches we’ve brought to Harrodsburg. I believe we will be able to offer an experience that will allow student-athletes to compete at an elite level here in Mercer county with our game and practice field, along with our field house. I’m looking forward to being able to launch track and field next fall,” said Christopher.

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