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Fall Sports Season Updates From KHSAA

Courier Journal/Dominique Yates
KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett is adament that high school sports will be played this fall, but there are still many unknowns.

Spencer Moore

Herald Staff

The 2020-21 school year is just a few weeks away, and that means Kentucky’s High school fall sports season.

It is without question there have been some doubts amongst the athletes, coaches and fans, that the fall season would take place due to COVID-19. KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett recently gave some good news to help squash these doubts.

While in an interview last week, Tackett talked about the likelihood of the fall season happening. He stated:

“We are looking at having fall sports, without doubt. We are still planning for fall sports. What that looks like could change, just like the data related to the virus changes. We are more optimistic now than perhaps a few weeks ago.”

While it is not a guarantee, this is certainly good news for everyone involved. The state of Kentucky, along with the nation, has been without sports since March, right at the peak of the high school basketball season, as well as, the beginning of many others.

Tackett also stated in a different interview last week, that while they want to have fall sports, there will definitely be new guidelines to be decided on, and now is not the right time to take any extra steps.

“Our goal is starting school on time,” Tackett said. “That’s where we have to keep our focus. We want to minimize exposures.”

Everyone seems to be working together. The protection of athletes is at the top of KHSAA’s list, as well as, everyone involved locally with their high schools.

When the outbreak first began , local coaches had the same response about the season ending. All agreed that if it’s for the protection of their athletes, and more importantly, their community, then cancellation was worth it.

This has been huge in terms of actually piecing this season together. It’s going to take cooperation, and with the coaches following the rules and new guidelines, it only helps the KHSAA’s ability to move forward.

The KHSAA still is planning on all six fall sports competing, those six being cross country, field hockey/lacrosse, football, golf, soccer and volleyball.

Fans are interested in seeing how this plays out. Regardless of the guidelines, it’s refreshing to hear fans can still plan on a fall season taking place. With Julian Tackett’s effort and the rest of KHSAA, we may be seeing the athletes take the field very soon, with golf starting first on July 31.

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