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Burrus Offers More Than Just Athletic Training

Former Harrodsburg’s Standout Believes All Athletes Can Be Great

Photo: Rachel Short
Isaiah Burrus leads former Titan, and current Louisville commit, Malachi Yulee through workouts.

Sam Warren

Herald Staff

Rare Breed Athletics is a sports training business with a focus on strength, conditioning and nutrition run by Isaiah Burrus of Harrodsburg.

Burrus knows what it is like to succeed athletically as a Mercer County Titan. He graduated from Mercer Senior County High School in 2012, and in his days as a track athlete, he won two individual state championships running the 400 meter dash. He also played football, and his successes allowed him to later run and play football, for Eastern Kentucky University. He is well aware of the hard work and training needed to succeed athletically, and it has always been his dream to help people achieve their goals within sports, and life.

Lifelong dreams of being a sports agent fueled Burrus’ creation of Rare Breed Athletics. Building important relationships through his business is one step in Burrus’s journey in achieving his dreams. His experience with Division I athletics and his friendships with elite college football players, even NFL players, led to the creation of Rare Breed Athletics.

Burrus believes everyone has the opportunity to be great and he is trying to give Harrodsburg athletes the extra edge to exceed expectations and push their limits.

“I see kids around here that have the same opportunities,” Burrus said, “they just don’t have the guidance, or the push, or the drive from someone else.”

Isaiah Burrus hopes his new enterprise can help athletes realize their potential for greatness. (Photo: Rachel Short).

Having lived in Harrodsburg his whole life and playing sports as both a Pioneer and a Titan, Harrodsburg means a lot to Burrus.

“Giving back to Harrodsburg means everything to me. I see Rare Breed as something positive for the community, and it’s also giving athletes more opportunities to get better and make new connections through their time working with me, which not every small town has. I want to see these kids prosper and do what they love, chase their dreams and learn from someone who can relate,” said Burrus.

He believes he is giving back to the community because he is providing a service that no one else in Harrodsburg is providing.

Giving back to the individual person that he trains is another way that Burrus is benefiting the local community. He feels that he is helping the athletes achieve success not only through training, but by giving them an avenue to speak about their hardships, and helping them learn by sharing his own experiences as a college athlete.

“I’m an avenue they can come speak to about something they’re going through, and that correlates with sports as well. I’ve played Division I-AA football and I ran Division I-AA track, so there’s different things that they don’t know that I know, that can help them and I’m learning from them as well,” said Burrus.

While he is all about Harrodsburg, Burrus has worldwide aspirations for Rare Breed Athletics and he plans on expanding far beyond the Mercer County line.

He has earned the certifications necessary to train athletes and give himself the opportunity to broaden his influence.

“I wanted to start here and build a foundation so that I can be able to go other places but still have things going on here. I want to be able to come back here and still train, I want to work with the schools here and hold different camps here, and show them things that I wasn’t shown when I was growing up,” said Burrus.

During his senior season, Burrus pulled his hamstring in a regional meet in Corben.

“I feel that because I’ve had opportunities, and messed them up, I feel like it’s my duty to give back to them so that they don’t go through the same circumstances that I had to go through.”

Follow Burrus online @athleticsrarebreed on Instagram.

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