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Brinkley Prewitt Hopes To Take Flight As A Midway Eagle

Lady Titan Brinkley Prewitt looks forward to starting Midway University this fall and being part of the Eagles volleyball team. (The Harrodsburg Herald/Arpan Dixit).

Sam Warren

Herald Staff

Another Mercer County Titan volleyball player is set to become a Midway Eagle. Brinkley Prewitt, the standout Titan senior, made the decision this past week to play volleyball at the next level, joining her teammate Jaclyn Devine.

Prewitt is looking forward to the challenges collegiate volleyball will bring, and even more so the educational experiences that come with college. Midway has given Prewitt the opportunity to play the sport she loves at the next level and she is not going to take it for granted. Along with volleyball, Prewitt is eager to become a part of a new team and develop new friendships at Midway.

“I’m excited to see how much different it will be. I’m happy to get the chance to meet a whole new team of people and make new friendships,” said Prewitt.

Midway was an attractive option for Prewitt due to the school’s thriving community and the friendly and welcoming nature of the coaching staff. The most influential aspect regarding Prewitt’s decision however was the opportunity to play with her Titan teammate Jaclyn Devine.

“Midway University feels like a place that will be a good home for me for the next four years. I think the deciding factor was when I was given the opportunity to play with my high school teammate as well as the chance to make new friendships in the future.”

Head coach Lynn Flach knows what it takes to succeed on the court, and she believes that Prewitt will thrive at Midway. Prewitt’s refusal to let her team down and her willingness to be coached are just two of the many things Flach attests to.

“I am so excited and proud for Brinkley to continue playing volleyball next year at Midway University. She is the type of player who will sacrifice whatever it takes to become the best player possible. Brinkley will go to Midway and continue to hone her skills because she will give it 110 percent to become the best player she can be. I am excited to see what she can do at the next level,” said Flach.

Prewitt is a libero, a defensive-minded player that is not meant to attack the ball and does not join the front row of players nearest to the net. As a Titan, she excelled at her position and even earned the honor of making the all-region and all-district teams. Prewitt plans to make an impact on Midway’s squad by being a positive presence in the locker room and always encouraging her teammates.

Prewitt is a leader on the court and in the classroom. She carried a 4.0 weighted GPA throughout her years as a Titan and plans to earn a business marketing degree as a Midway Eagle.

“Playing volleyball at the collegiate level will not only teach me to work harder when competing in volleyball, but it will also help me to work harder for what I want in life.”

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