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Claunch Is Ready To Race For Murray State

‘My Roots Will Always Be In Good Old Harrodsburg’ 

Jasmine Claunch said she won’t let a spoiled senior season hold her back. Claunch will attend Murray State University next year. (Image submitted.)

Spencer Moore

Herald Staff

Senior Jasmine Claunch has had quite the success story as a Mercer County Titan.

She won the state championship with the Lady Titans in 2018 and was an individual state champion in the triple jump twice as well as the long jump. She has also been named to first team all-region, as well as all-state on multiple occasions. Claunch is proud of her upbringing and still will always have a heart for the town and school system she has grown up in.

“I love this little town so much,” she said. “It is just been such a great pleasure and joy being a Titan. I have given Mercer County everything I have every time I put on that uniform and I’ve got nothing but support from the community. Alvis Johnson Field has became my second home.”

Claunch has racked up accomplishments at every level.

On the national level, she has competed and won several events. Just a few months ago in an indoor event held in Tennessee, she placed first in the triple jump. One of her best accomplishments in her track career came in a national event. She finished second place—in a crowded field of 70 athletes—in the triple tump at the AAU Junior Olympics.

While Claunch is performing as if she has trained for this since elementary, she only started competing in track as a middle school student.

But she has worked hard and pushed herself to be the best. Claunch is a true competitor who stays humble throughout the entire process.

Even with the spring track season canceled, she has not rested on her laurels. Hard work doesn’t stop for her just because of a setback. In fact, she is doing all she can to embrace it.

During her time with Mercer Track and Field, Jasmine Claunch has been a stand out. (Image submitted.)

Asked about this season, Claunch quoted from the Bible.

“My favorite verse is John 16:33, which is written on my jump spikes, ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world,’” she said. “That really just hits and relates to this rollercoaster ride called life. He has seen me through all troubles thus far and He won’t stop now. He will see me through this. Nothing in the world is too big for Him.”

Still, Claunch doesn’t deny she isn’t disappointed.

“I am devastated and my heart is broken because of the way my senior season is going at the moment, but I refuse to lay down and stay down,” she said. “I will cling to the slightest bit of hope because of the girl who fell in love with this sport seven years ago. If the ending isn’t how I planned, at least I know I did everything I could and that I was ready.”

Regardless of what happens with the season, it’s a time when a senior starts to look at her legacy.

“I just hope more than anything that I’ve impacted this area and this state through the simple act of doing what I love,” Claunch said. “I don’t want people to forget me, I guess that that’s why I always smile. I just can’t help it. A smile is my game face.”

Claunch has committed to Murray State University.

“I’m not sure if I will be wearing a Mercer County Titans uniform or a Murray State Racers uniform at my next track meet but one thing for sure is that I will be wearing the biggest smile on my face,” she said. “At the end of day it warms my heart knowing I never took a single practice or meet for granted. Track got all of me and will continue to do so for as long I compete.”

For Mercer County staff, parents, and fans, it will certainly be hard knowing they might not see her perform as a Titan again. But there’s only growth from here.

Working hard has always been key for Claunch, who is excited to take her next step as a Murray State Racer.

“Murray State is a phenomenal program with great athletes and I am just so excited to be able to be a part of that,” she said. “I plan to bring good, competitive energy and go to work. I am looking forward to getting on campus and getting a routine/schedule. I am also really looking forward to get to know the team.”

The journey is just getting started for Claunch as there are many big things ahead. With a great head on her shoulders and the work ethic she has, she will strive to continue the success next spring at the next level.

“I will really miss my coaches my and my teammates because they have really became family over the years. I will definitely miss Heart of the Bluegrass on a hot Saturday,” she said. “I will miss every relationship I’ve created on and off the track. This little town has helped shaped me into who I am and leaving it for four years is sad but my roots will always be here in good old Harrodsburg.”

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