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Mercer XC return strongest runners in 2019

Teets: “Having big numbers usually results in a lot of big surprises”

Mercer County Cross County 2019 pictured front row L to R: Carson Coy, Dale Wohner, Jordan Piazza, Rylan Genco, Kloee Vest and Lexi Vest. Middle row L to R: Clayra Darnell, Haley Blevins, Corban Profitt, Madison King, Brianna Wimsatt, Erin Darland, Emma Leitenberger, Katie Lewis, Liam Potts, Sam Lewis and Kyler Sallee. Back row L to R: Jonah Lewis, Cody Curtsinger, Chase Conrad, Max Hensley, Brady Howard, Brady Thornton, Elijah Profitt and Sam Bufundo. (photo submitted)

Arpan Dixit
Herald Staff      

The 2019 season is a first for Mercer County cross country Head Coach David Teets. Twenty-eight runners combined are on the girls and boys team this season, the most Teets has ever had in his tenure at Mercer County.

“I’m excited about the big numbers that we have this season,” said Teets. “And having big numbers usually results in a lot of big surprises. That in itself is getting me excited for this season.”


The girls team, who won the region title last season and finished 12th at the state meet, return their top seven runners who placed at state.

Haley Blevins, the lone senior girl, returns after placing 21st at the state meet her junior season and third overall her sophomore season.

“We have the same girls coming back this year. She (Blevins) is going to stand out as a leader of the rest of the girls,”said Teets. “It’ll motivate her to be even better this year.”

Freshman Clayra Darnell placed 28th at the state meet last season and is expected to be one of the top runners along with Blevins. Juniors Madison King, Erin Darland, Brianna Wimsatt, Corban Profitt and Emma Leitenberger are included in that group that competed at the state meet last season.

“They are just a great bunch of girls. I’ve had them for a few years,” said Teet. “They are a really close group. They push each other and they know what to expect.”

Eighth grader Katie Lewis is also expected to make some noise on the course this year.

“She’s got a lot of potential and I think she’s going to do really well.

Listed below is the full roster for the girls team, separated by grade.

Senior: Haley Blevins.

Junior: Madison King, Brianna Wimsatt, Corban Profitt, Erin Darland and Emma Leitenberger.

Freshmen: Clayra Darnell.

8th: Katie Lewis and Lexi Vest.

7th: Kloee Vest.


The boys team is much bigger than year’s past.

Senior Cody Curtsinger returns as the top runner after competing at the state meet last season.

“He’s going to improve dramatically. Last year was his first year running cross country and he did really well for us,” said Teets. “He gained a lot of experience from last year so this year he’s eager to get at it.”

Listed below is the full roster for the boys team, separated by grade.

Senior: Cody Curtsinger, Chase Conrad, Max Hensley, Blake Smith and Brady Thornton.

Junior: Orlando Roblero, Chase Mobley and Jonah Lewis.

Sophomore: Carson Coy.

Freshmen: Elijah Profitt and Brady Howard.

8th: Orlando Bufondo. Sam Lewis, Kyler Sallee and Liam Potts.

7th: Jordan Piazza and Dale Wohner.

6th: Rylan Genco.

“Our boys team is going to do some good things this year,” said Teets.

Having a big team is always a benefit in any sport, and that is certainly the case with cross country.

“It’s gets the word out to people that we’re a sport that is competitive and we’re a sport in Mercer County that kids need to consider,” said Teets. “It teaches them character and how to work hard. I can’t wait for our first race and seeing that many runners on our team step up to that line.”

Seniors and juniors know what to expect from Teets, but the underclassmen who are learning the ropes will gain that trust over time.

“I have no concerns with our underclassmen because they are all competitive. They just love to compete,” said Teets. “Any time they get a chance to practice to compete against one another, that really is what gets them going.”

Teets is excited about the younger group.

“They are going to win a lot of trophies for us and I’m excited to see what they are able to accomplish,” he said.


Listed below is the full schedule for Mercer County Cross Country, separated by date, event and site.

9/3: Woodford All-Comers, Failing Springs Park (Versailles).

9/7: EG Plummer Invitational, Admiral Stadium (Danville).

9/10: Home meet (Anderson Dean Park).

9/14: Franklin Invitational, Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington).

9/19: Boyle Invitational, Millenium Park (Danville).

9/21: Wayne Invitational, Cave Lake Park (Monticello).

9/24: Central Kentucky Conference (Woodford County).

9/28: Berea Invitational, Alumni Field (Berea).

10/1: Home meet (Anderson Dean Park).

10/15: Home meet (Anderson Dean Park).

10/19: Cave Lake Fall Classic, Cave Lark Park (Monticello)

10/26: Region meet, Cave Lake Park, (Monticello).


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