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Burgin Independent Looks To Supersize Their Cafeteria

Board of Education Solicits Architects for New Addition

Burgin Independent School’s cafeteria that is 1,700 square feet too small for the current number of students, according to the DFP. The BBOE is entering into the planing stage for a new addition that will add a larger cafeteria and kitchen.

Jennifer Marsh

Herald Staff

The Burgin Board of Education (BBOE) approved the first step towards building a new cafeteria and kitchen.  The board is soliciting architectural services for the addition and renovation work with bids due Friday, March 1. The bids will be reviewed at the Wednesday, March 13 meeting of the BBOE.

The cafeteria was identified as an immediate need by the district facilities plan which the board approved last year.

During the last cycle of analysis, the state said Burgin’s school cafeteria should be around 4,600 square feet when it currently only has 2,900 square feet. The school kitchen, which is currently 1,100 square feet, should be around 3,000 square feet, according to state figures.

But school officials don’t need a state analysis to know they need more room. Principal Chris LeMonds said it currently takes three hours to feed 515 students.

The Burgin Independent School District approved a nickel tax last year. By state law, those funds can only be used for capital construction projects.

“I think it is a good idea to begin the planning phase of building but we don’t want to rush into anything,” said board member Ben Bradshaw. “I think we should go visit other one building schools and see what is working for them.”

The board agreed that taking their time and doing things right was the best course of action but beginning the plan was also necessary because of the immediate need the school is experiencing.

The next meeting of the Burgin Board of Education is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, at 7 p.m.

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