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District tournament to be held at Burgin for first time on new floor

Arpan Dixit
Herald Staff

The floor at Jack Coleman Sr. Gymnasium on the campus of Burgin Independent School looks a bit different this year.

After designing and installing a new logo last basketball season, a new floor and middle logo was designed and completed on Thursday, Oct. 11.

The gym was last painted in 2004 and Burgin boy’s basketball Head Coach Don Irvine knew it was time for an upgrade for a good reason.

“It’s been about 15 years since the floor was last stripped and painted so it was due,” said Irvine. “Anything new and fresh brings energy and with the tournament being at Burgin this year, it makes it even more exciting.”

Irvine is referring to the 46th District boys and girls basketball tournament, the first time Burgin will ever hosted the tournament.

The floor added a few new colors that the students mutually agreed on.

“We apparently went from red being the primary focus to accentuating it with black, which the kids like,” said Irvine. “I personally like the natural lanes and can honestly say I have never seen a bigger ‘B’ in the middle. I think most everyone really likes the change. I love the smell of a newly finished gym floor, although I’m not sure that feeling is shared by all. Plus, after finishing the floor, it has really good grip, which should make players and referees alike very happy.”

Irvine gave credit where credit is due. Burgin Superintendent deserves a lot of praise, said Irvine.

“All the props go to Mr. Begley. This was his baby all the way,” said Irvine.

Begley said without Irvine’s sacrifices, this gym would not have been possible.

“It is a very exciting time to be a Bulldog. I asked Coach Irvine if he wanted a big pay raise or put money into the resurfacing of the gym floor and he chose the floor,” said Begley. “The floor was due some attention so with us hosting district this year, it made sense to get this accomplished over fall break. It turned out great.”

Begley couldn’t be more excited for the direction of the program and the school. Hosting the tournament for the first time is huge, he said.

“Not sure when the last time Burgin hosted district, or if we ever have. I think jamming everyone in a small gym makes for a great atmosphere,” said Begley. “When I coached at Harrodsburg, I remember the old Harrodsburg, Mercer and Burgin district games being hot, standing room only and a very exciting atmosphere. We are looking forward to hosting.”

Burgin’s gym includes a brand new floor, a new ‘B’ in the middle and a logo that was designed and installed last basketball season. (Photo by Arpan Dixit)

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