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Two More Indictments In Drug Investigation

Deputies’ Undercover Operation Continues To Yield Results

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

Two more people have been indicted as a result of an undercover drug operation conducted by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office.

Tony Dearing Jr., 37, of 1493 Beaver Lake Road, Kings Mountain, was charged with 1st-degree trafficking in methamphetamine, a class B felony, while Chelsea Dulovic, 28, of 155 Hunter Drive, was charged with 1st-degree trafficking in methamphetamine, a class C felony. The offense occurred on July 10, 2017, according to the indictments.

Dearing and Dulovic were arrested as part of an ongoing investigation in which sheriff’s deputies went undercover and purchased drugs. The investigation, which was conducted by the deputies in their off duty hours, has led to a series of charges the past few months.

Three indictments were handed down last month—against Angelia Eades, Jennifer Miller and Kenny Vineyard—and four indictments—against Eades, Christopher Maddox, Matthew Shannon and Heather King—were handed down in July. According to Capt. Scott Elder of the MCSO, who testified last week, more indictments are pending.

Dearing is being charged as a 1st-degree persistent felony offender. His bail was set at $20,000 with drug-related conditions including reporting to pretrial services, submitting to random drug tests and being involved in no new arrests involving alcohol, illegal substances or pain medications with or without a prescription. Dulovic’s bail was set at $10,000, also with drug-related conditions.

All together, the Mercer County Grand Jury handed down 18 indictments last Wednesday on charges including sexual abuse, burglary and bail jumping.

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