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Burgin Mulls High School Dress Code

Idea Comes From High School Student

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

If the Burgin Independent High School ends up adopting a dress code, high school students will only have one of their own to blame. A student has asked officials to look into regulating more closely what students wear to school. Students at the elementary and middle school level already have a dress code, but the district has not adopted one for high school students.

“I wouldn’t have initiated it,” said Burgin Principal Chris LeMonds at last week’s meeting of the Burgin Board of Education.

LeMonds and members of the board of education seem to be receptive to the idea. LeMonds said it might help prepare students for work after graduation.

“When you hear employers talk about what they want, it’s a neat appearance,” he said.

Board member Priscilla Harris also seemed taken with the suggestion.

“They wear a uniform anyway,” Harris said. “It’s just sloppy.”

There are already guidelines for what high school students wear, but the teachers are not uniform in how they enforce them, LeMonds said.

“The problem we run into is consistency,” he said.

The board has taken no action on the idea so far. Officials want to survey parents and contact other school systems first, but the district may be making an announcement in February, LeMonds said. He said the district will give everyone enough time to prepare.

“You’ve got to give families time enough to pay for it,” he said.

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