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Burgin Councilman Accused Of Misappropriating Funds

Robert Moore

Burgin City Councilman Sindicat “Sid” Dunn has been told to produce the receipts from last year’s fall festival or else city officials will pursue legal action against him.

After months of challenging city expenses, especially those relating to the employment of Mayor George Hensley’s son Shane Hensley and to the Burgin Police Department, Dunn has found himself embroiled in a financial controversy of his own.

At issue is last year’s fall festival, which had been cancelled by Mayor Hensley. Dunn organized another festival which was held at Burgin Independent School. He received $250 from the Mercer County Sanitation District, but never gave the city any receipts after the festival was over.

“I explained where that money was spent,” Dunn said at the last Burgin City Council meeting. Dunn insists he spent more of his own personal funds than the festival took in. He said he could write out what he spent, but Burgin resident Lisa Hisle said it was wrong for the councilman to enforce one set of rules for city employees but to follow another.

“There’s one set of rules for this group of people and another set of rules for a council member,” Hisle said. “I’m talking about everyone abiding by the same set of rules.”

Councilman David R. Peavler said Dunn could make the controversy go away if he would just produce the receipts.

“Until you do it, we’re going to bring it up every month,” Peavler said.

Peavler said he would pursue legal action against Dunn if he did not present the receipts.

“If he doesn’t produce it within two weeks, I want action taken,” Peavler said. “Produce the receipts or I’ll go talk to (Mercer County Attorney) Ted Dean.”

The councilman said the lack of financial records from the fall festival could compromise the city’s efforts to complete a financial audit, which Burgin has not done since 2011.

Burgin City Clerk Michelle Russell said the state auditor’s office had been unable to assist the city in catching up on their audits.

Craig Butler, a CPA with Kerbaugh, Rodes and Butler of Danville, resigned as Burgin’s auditor in June. According to the Department of Local Government website, the state is withholding $100,271.95 in road aid due to the missing audits. The council agreed to invite potential auditors to the next meeting.

Dunn also asked why the city had not taken action against Casey Rucker. He said he’d filed three separate complaints against Burgin’s police chief and hasn’t gotten a response. Rucker demanded Dunn’s resignation in March, saying the councilman did not actually live in the city. Dunn has accused the policeman of harassing him. Rucker, who was ill, was unable to attend the meeting.

“I’ve got it on my desk,” said Mayor Hensley, who said he hadn’t spoken with Rucker. “I am reading it. I will take care of it.”

Correction: In the last Burgin City Council story, it was incorrectly reported that the city’s new insurance policy includes the two new vehicles acquired from the Department of Defense. They were not included in the policy.

The next meeting of the Burgin City Council will be Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 6:30 p.m. at the Burgin City Hall.


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