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Making A Difference With Flowers

Karen Hatter, Kay Hensley, Mimi Gosney and Olga Buettner pose in front of the Old Fort Harrod Mansion Museum.

The Mercer County Fiscal Court has extended a contract with the Bluegrass Area Development District to revise street addresses.

Bluegrass ADD failed to meet the July deadline to complete the project, Mercer County Judge-Executive Milward Dedman said at Tuesday’s meeting of the Mercer County Fiscal Court. Dedman said AT&T did not provide the new numbers in time, and as a result, Bluegrass ADD was only two-thirds of the way done.

Last year, the fiscal court agreed to pay Bluegrass ADD $21,000 from the 911 fund to revise street addresses, which are supposed to correspond—at least roughly—to a property’s location on a given street.

However, many addresses in Mercer County don’t. It’s been estimated that 70 addresses on Mackville Road don’t work. As a result, it takes first responders longer to answer calls.

Last year, Sheriff Ernie Kelty told the court his deputies often have to triangulate locations by pinpointing other addresses on the same street.

“You might have a gravel driveway with four homes on it,” Kelty said. “We literally have to narrow it down until we find that address.”

It was estimated that 75-percent of the addresses in Mercer County could be affected by the revision. However, most addresses in Harrodsburg—with the exception of the address of the Harrodsburg Herald—would not be affected.

The fiscal court also renewed their yearly $7,500 contract with Bluegrass ADD for work that includes new addresses and working with the building inspector.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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