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Danville All-Comers results

The Mercer County Titans and the Burgin Bulldogs track teams competed at the Danville All-Comers meet Tuesday, April 24, at Danville High School football field. Listed below are the full results for both the Titans and the Bulldogs. Mercer County girls came in first place, while the boys came in second. Burgin boys placed third, while the girls came in fourth. The results will be separated by school and results with the Titans first, followed by the Bulldogs.


Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

1st place: Jai Maria Piazza, Abby Dean, Timberlynn Yeast and Haley Blevins (10:06.90)

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

1st place: Harlee Settles (18.42)

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

1st place: Lukas Jones (15.64)

Girls 100 Meter Dash

1st place: Jasmine Claunch (13.59)

3rd place: Calicia Smith (13.94)

7th place: Jacey Catlett (14.77)

9th place: Channing Lewis (15.18)

10th place: Corban Profitt (15.23)

Boys 100 Meter Dash

12th place: Trevor Allen (13.40)

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay

2nd place: Mishi Easterling, Aaron Johnson, Ty Divine and Lukas Jones (1:34.84)

Girls 1600 Meter Run

4th place: Emma Leitenberger (6:10.65)

8th place: Erin Darland (6:39.60)

9th place: Brianna Wimsatt (6:53.84)

Boys 1600 Meter Run

8th place: Gavin Murphy (5:53.95)

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

3rd place: Joselyn Flores, Meghan Mays, Raegan Preston and Kristynn Releford (58.34)

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

4th place: Darrian Baker, Sam Warren, Blake Russell and Blake Brown (57.57)

Girls 400 Meter Dash

3rd: Corban Profitt (1:14.89)

Boys 400 Meter Dash

3rd place: Brandon Ballard (56.78)

4th place: Andrew Turpin (56.89)

7th place: Jalen Lukitsch (59.39)

8th place: Noah Davis (59.45)

12th place: Christian Rogers (1:02.89)

14th place: John Whited (1:06.25)

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

1st place: Kendall Edelen (51.83)

2nd place: Harlee Settles (52.26)

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

2nd place: Carter Edelen (48.30)

Girls 800 Meter Run

1st place: Haley Blevins (2:23.94)

4th place: Channing Lewis (2:45.18)

6th place: Emily Steele (2:53.18)

7th place: Amber Riley (2:54.16)

Boys 800 Meter Run

1st place: Toshi Smith (2:13.47)

Girls 200 Meter Dash

1st place: Abby Steele (27.83)

2nd place: Calicia Smith (28.75)

4th place: Jasmine Claunch (29.06)

6th place: Jacey Catlett (29.84)

Boys 200 Meter Dash

1st place: Aaron Johnson (23.24)

4th place: Ty Divine (24.72)

7th place: Christian Rogers (26.42)

17th place: John Whited (29.41)

Boys 3200 Meter Run

2nd place: Chris Day (13:42.68)

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

1st place: Timberlynn Yeast, Abby Steele, Haley Blevins and Jai Maria Piazza (4:13.06)

3rd place: Harlee Settles, Kendall Edelen, Channing Lewis and Jasmine Claunch (4:41.75)

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

1st place: Ty Divine, Aaron Johnson, Andrew Turpin and Mishi Easterling (3:37.63)

3rd place: Brandon Ballard, Toshi Smith, Carter Edelen and Jalen Lukitsch (5:57.99)

Girls Shot Put

1st place: Zoe Yeast (33-04.00 feet)

2nd place: Zharia Yeast (31-09.50 feet)

4th place: Kendall Edelen (23-02.00 feet)

5th place: Savannah Prigmore (23-01.00)

Boys Shot Put

4th place: Bryson Yeast (37-01.00 feet)

5th place: Blake Russell (36-07.00 feet)

7th place: Darrian Baker (34-10.00 feet)

9th place: Sam Warren (33-03.00 feet)

12th place: Blake Brown (27-07.00 feet)

14th place: Richie Macias (26-06.00 feet)

Girls Discus Throw

1st place: Zoe Yeast (95-03 feet)

2nd place: Savannah Prigmore (89-11 feet)

3rd place: Kendall Edelen (75-08 feet)

7th place: Zharia Yeast (60-09 feet)

Boys Discus Throw

3rd place: Darrian Baker (108-09 feet)

4th place: Sam Warren (104-07 feet)

6th place: Blake Russell (82-02 feet)

7th place: Richie Macias (74-07 feet)

12th place: Blake Brown (59-10 feet)

Girls Long Jump

1st place: Jasmine Claunch (15-11.75 feet)

3rd place: Corban Profitt (11-03.50 feet)

Boys Long Jump

4th place: Lukas Jones (17-07.00 feet)

7th place: Michael Johnson (16-08.00 feet)

8th place: Matthew Mays (15-04.00 feet)

Boys Triple Jump

3rd place: Matthew Mays (37-02.00 feet)

5th place: Michael Johnson (33-10.00 feet)

Girls High Jump

2nd place: Harlee Settles (4-02.00 feet)

Boys High Jump

1st place: Mishi Easterling (5-04.00 feet)

3rd place: Matthew Mays (5-00.00 feet)

Girls Pole Vault

2nd place: Raegan Preston (7-06.00 feet)

3rd place: Meghan Mays (7-06.00 feet)

4th place: Kristynn Releford (6-00.00 feet)

5th place: Kierra Marcum (5-06.00 feet)

Unified 2×50 Meter Relay

1st place: Blake Foley (15.67)

2nd place: Willie Pettit (17.52)

3rd place: Bridgett Staton (20.26)

4th place: Dylan Whittinghill (23.74)

5th place: Angel Sanchez (24.53)


Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

4th place: Kenzie Humber, Jeyden Watkins, Avery Harmon and Rebecca Biggs (13:30.20)

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay

1st place: Daylan Hodges, Hunter Preston, Trevar Lay and Drew Hatfield (9:15.20)

Girls 100 Meter Dash

15th place: Anderson Taylor (15.82)

16th place: Ellie Jenkins (16.04)

18th place: Keira Propes (17.14)

19th place: Chelsea Caudill (17.90)

21st place: Shelbi Beasley (17.94)

22nd place: Jeyden Watkins (19.30)

Boys 100 Meter Dash

16th place: Darren Reeves (14.27)

17th place: Ethan Kestler (14.62)

18th place: John Boursaw (15.14)

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay

3rd place: Ellie Jenkins, Anderson Taylor, Lilly Essex and Chelsea Caudill (2:23.30)

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay

7th place: Travis Stewart, Darren Reeves, Tyler Robinson and Skylar Logan (1:58.34)

Boys 1600 Meter Run

1st place: Trevar Lay (5:11.59)

6th place: Drew Hatfield (5:47.29)

7th place: John Boursaw (5:52.06)

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

4th place: Lilly Essex, Kenzie Humber, Abbie Church and Rebecca Biggs (1:06.17)

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

3rd place: Darren Reeves, Tyler Robinson, Skylar Logan and Ethan Kestler (55.77)

Girls 400 Meter Dash

4th place: Avery Harmon (1:15.62)

5th place: Rebecca Biggs (1:19.82)

6th place: Abbie Church (1:19.82)

7th place: Kenzie Humber (1:19.83)

9th place: Anderson Taylor (1:23.42)

10th place: Chelsea Caudill (1:24.28)

11th place: Keira Propes (1:38.33)

Boys 400 Meter Dash

6th place: Hunter Preston (58.43)

16th place: Skylar Logan (1:08.58)

17th place: Travis Stewart (1:11.07)

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

4th place: Ellie Jenkins (1:01.93)

Boys Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

4th place: Daylan Hodges (54.34)

Girls 800 Meter Run

9th place: Avery Harmon (2:56.59)

11th place: Keira Propes (3:37.29)

12th place: Shelbi Beasley (3:44.86)

Boys 800 Meter Run

3rd place: Hunter Preston (2:19.90)

11th place: John Boursaw (2:45.27)

13th place: Drew Hatfield (2:49.54)

Girls 200 Meter Dash

13th place: Anderson Taylor (32.86)

14th place: Ellie Jenkins (33.73)

15th place: Abbie Church (34.45)

16th place: Jeyden Watkins (40.05)

Boys 200 Meter Dash

9th place: Cade Shearer (27.14)

11th place: Daylan Hodges (27.77)

18th place: Skylar Logan (30.89)

19th place: Travis Stewart (32.13)

20th place: Darren Reeves (32.26)

Boys 3200 Meter Run

1st place: Trevar Lay (11:13.52)

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

4th place: Rebecca Biggs, Kenzie Humber, Avery Harmon and Chelsea Caudill (5:24.78)

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

5th place: Daylan Hodges, Trevar Lay, Drew Hatfield and Hunter Preston (4:11.36)

Girls Shot Put

8th place: Lilly Essex (18-04.00 feet)

10th place: Cassie Hunter (16-10.00)

Boys Shot Put

3rd place: Cade Shearer (37-10.00 feet)

6th place: Stevan McCowan (35-00.00 feet)

13th place: Tyler Robinson (26-09.00)

Girls Discus Throw

8th place: Cassie Hunter (58-04 feet)

10th place: Lilly Essex (54-02 feet)

Boys Discus Throw

2nd place: Cade Shearer (114-03 feet)

9th place: Steven McCowan (71-11 feet)

Girls Long Jump

Abbie Church place: Abbie Church (10-02.00 feet)

Boys Long Jump

12th place: Ethan Kestler (13-08.00 feet)

13th place: John Boursaw (12-00.00 feet)

Girls Pole Vault 

5th place: Abbie Church (5-06.00 feet)


1st: Mercer County (187 points)

2nd: Lincoln County (125 points)

3rd: Danville (97 points)

4th: Burgin (41 points)

5th: Marion County (39 points)

6th: KSD (13 points)


1st: Danville (167 points)

2nd: Mercer County (126 points)

3rd: Burgin (74 points)

4th: Marion County (61 points)

5th: Lincoln County (53 points)

6th: KSD (6 points)

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