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Water meters being replaced across city

Dalton Christopher
Herald Staff

Approximately 900 water meters will be replaced throughout Harrodsburg City limits. (Photo Submitted)

Harrodsburg water customers have been calling the City of Harrodsburg Water Department claiming higher than normal bills.

Commissioner Jack Coleman said a number of factors can contribute to the recent spike.

“We had a perfect storm of things going on,” Coleman said.

Amy Kays-Huffman, water administration supervisor at City Hall, said winter weather likely contributed to recent calls about higher bills.

“People may have had a water line breakage and not realize it, or they may have left sinks dripping during freezing temperatures,” Kays-Huffman said.

While usage rates may be causing higher bills, another issue the city is facing is replacing old meters.

The current meters were installed in 2007 and typically have a lifespan of 10 years.

“We ordered a thousand meters this past year and we are in the process of getting them replaced,” Coleman said.

The current meters are read by a radio signal that can be read from the street. That signal can get interrupted from the elements, including the influx of wet weather the area has seen this year.

“Snow, ice, rain and other elements can effect a reading,” Coleman said.

To learn more, check out next week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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