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Lady Titans slam Bearettes

April Ellis
Herald Staff

Faith Lake (11) drives by Butler’s CaLeia Mills in Mercer’s big win Friday night against the Bearettes. Lake finished with nine points. (Photo by April Ellis)

The Lady Titans faced the Lady Rebels of Casey County, the Bearettes of Butler and the Lakers of Russell County over the weekend. While they walked away with three victories, they excelled Saturday and Monday night as much as they struggled Friday for senior night.

vs. Butler 2/10

While Butler (19-3) may not be a district or region rival, they have certainly played the nemesis when it comes to being the top ranked team in the state the last few years.

Mercer (23-3) has faced Butler four times in the last three years and going into Saturday’s game, they had only won once.

Butler’s spread over the Titans had been 12, 13 and 25 points.

The Lady Titans hit the floor hot Saturday night. The threes rained down in the opening minutes with Lexy Lake hitting three, Emma Davis hitting two and Emmy Souder hitting one.

The Bearettes have Louisville signee Molly Lockhart, who at 6 feet 3-inches makes for a formidable five spot. With all but eight points coming from the three point line, Lockhart’s size wasn’t a factor against the Lady Titan’s offense at the end of the first quarter, 26-6.

“We just came with great energy and shot the ball extremely well,” said Souder.

The Lady Titans are always quick, but they took it up a notch Saturday night. The Lady Titans would repeatedly beat Butler down the floor on offense expanding their lead to 31, 45-14.

The threes rained again in the third quarter with Souder, Davis, F. Lake and L. Lake, who hit her fifth for the night.

The five seniors, L. Lake, F. Lake, Davis, Souder and Robins showed why they are  such a special group.

Davis had probably her most complete game of the season with 15 points and two rebounds and just all out hustle on the court.

“Emma (Davis) was very active all night and got us going early with some big plays and hustle,” said Souder.

The Lake twins were dangerous because Butler couldn’t double down on Lexy at the three point line, because it left Faith to take it to the basket.

Souder had 15 points, six rebounds and was a force inside the paint. Robins may only had two points, but she had 11 assists, some of which were highlight reel worthy. Most importantly, all five played solid defense, kept Butler rattled and forced turnover after turnover.

“That just speaks volumes of our team when Seygan only scores two points and we beat a top-10 team in the state by 25 plus,” said Souder.

The Lady Titans ended the night with the big win, 68-45.

Scoring for the Lady Titans: L. Lake 15, Davis 15, Souder 10, Lewis 10, F. Lake 9, McCombs 4, Robins 2, Smith 2, Mays 1.

Scoring for the Bearettes: Elder 14, White 7, Lockhart 6, Wright 6, Baxter 4, East 2, Mills 2, Thomas 2, Kelly 2.

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