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Kendyl and Friends Trying To Build Handicap Accessible Playground In Burgin

Dalton Christopher

Herald Staff

Kendyl and Friends have taken on their next project, and this one may be one of their biggest yet.

Kendyl and Friends have announced they will transform the playground facilities at Burgin Independent into a fully handicap accessible property. To the best of their knowledge, it will be the first fully accessible playground in the state when completed.

Crimson Claycomb, founder and executive director of the organization, said the project is a special one.

“For us to be able to renovate a school, it makes Burgin completely stand out,” she said. “There are schools that offer handicap accessible equipment, this will be the only that we have been notified of that is completely handicap accessible.”

Claycomb said renovating schools is important for students who may not be able to enjoy freedoms other students may take for granted.

“There are disabled children in our schools that don’t get to play outside during school hours because they don’t have equipment to play on,” she said.

While the accomplishment of renovating a school playground is a big one, the job is far from done for Kendyl and Friends.

“Sometimes the best accomplishment is to raise awareness and open other people’s eyes,” she said.

Claycomb said the organization continues to work towards a future where accessibility is more available and to bring awareness to the cause.

“Our main goal is to never stop,” she said. “There will always be a need. This is a lifetime goal.”

In addition to the Burgin project, the organization is also working in the court room. Kendyl and Friends is currently trying to pass a law for every new playground structure to offer a certain percentage of handicap accessible equipment.

The projects are not cheap. Burgin’s project is estimated to cost $120,000 for the renovation. Kendyl and Friends are planning a formal gala on Saturday, March 3.

“If everyone participates we will reach our goal,” Claycomb said.

For more information on Kendyl and Friends and the upcoming gala, go to

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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