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Sheriff Ernie Kelty Returns To Work

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

Sheriff Ernie Kelty hasn’t had time to accept the award he recently got from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The sheriff returned to work Monday after being out with a knee injury. Kelty underwent surgery last Thursday to repair a tendon he tore while investigating a crash on Mackville Road.

He said he takes four Ibuprofen a day to help with the pain and swelling, but the most difficult part for Kelty, who has served in law enforcement for over 33 years, has been staying home.

“I don’t believe in sitting still,” said Kelty.

Last week, he was answering residents’ calls on his cell phone while lying in bed with his right leg immobilized. There wasn’t much he could do while flat on his back other than contact his deputies, but he hated just lying there staring at the ceiling.

“I wanted to be back to work as soon as possible,” Kelty said.

His doctors say it will be anywhere from four to six weeks before he can remove his cast. So his friends removed the front seat from his truck. And bright and early on Monday morning, Kelty was  sitting in a wheelchair by the metal detector at the Mercer County Judicial Center on Main Street, answering phone calls and conducting business.

“Let ’em know I’m back at work,” Kelty said.

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Dep. Matt Swabey talks to Mercer Sheriff Ernie Kelty at the Mercer County Fiscal Courthouse Tuesday. Despite his injury, Kelty has a message to the citizens of Mercer County: “I am back to work.”

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