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Headaches Still Plague Burgin After Sewer Construction

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

The City of Burgin is still dealing with headaches from the city’s new sewer system. In addition to complaints over torn up streets and increased paperwork, there is also the possibility of an obstruction in the sink-hole that runs under the city. While some citizens say the blockage was not created by blasting during the construction of the sewer system, they said the blasting had only made the problem-and flooding around Burgin-worse.

At last week’s meeting of the Burgin City Council. Mayor George Hensley said he would contact the Army Corps of Engineers to address possible concerns. But the biggest immediate concern is the torn up streets. Councilman David R. Peavler said he had compiled a two-page list of streets damaged during the sewer construction, with some of the worst including West Court, High, North First and Railroad Streets. Mayor Hensley asked the council to drive around Burgin to check for any other streets that may have been damaged. He said he would submit the list to the Mercer County Sanitation District during their next board meeting. “I need to go.” Hensley said. “It’s getting really crucial to get on top of this.”

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