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Burgin Independent Aims To Improve Student Engagement

Robert Moore

Herald Staff

Educators at  Burgin Independent School are looking at improving student engagement.

Principal Chris LeMonds said the staff were working with teachers on how to draw students in. LeMonds said they are trying to break lessons down in order to get students actively engaged— getting them moving around and able to answer questions showing their mastery of the material—rather than passively engaged—sitting quietly and waiting for the bell to ring.

“Our teachers are doing a tremendous job,” the principal said. He said they’d work with teachers more on active engagement in the upcoming semester.

While discussing school expenses, Burgin Board of Education Chair Bob Clark asked about bills to the school’s HVAC contractor.

Principal Chris LeMonds said the contractor was making repairs as requested by the school’s maintenance director. “We’re finding stuff all the time,” LeMonds said.

Clark also questioned the investments being made to maintain the Proctor Grant. Superintendent Will Begley said he would have a representative from the bank that handles the grant answer questions at the next board meeting.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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