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Harrodsburg Residents Fed Up With Torn Up Streets

Harrodsburg residents are letting their elected leaders know they’re fed up with the city’s torn up streets.

As temperatures drop, local roadways are still cut up after a long summer of utility work, including repairing and replacing water, sewer and gas lines. Many residents don’t believe the contractors are doing a good job and they have been letting elected officials hear about it. In the past week, Commissioner Charlie Mattingly said he’s gotten 14 calls.

“We get all the calls,”  Mattingly said. “We get a lot of people complaining.”

He said callers have complained about rutted roads, potholes so bad they knock cars out of alignment and cuts which haven’t been properly covered during the weekend.

“I don’t think the contractors are paying attention to these cuts,” Mattingly said. “I feel like a lot of these places should have been fixed.”

He said the public works department has had to go out on weekends and fill in cuts in the roadways.

It has been especially miserable for people living on North Main—which was repaved just last year—on Magnolia Street and on Broadway, where contractors have torn out a huge stretch of sidewalk in addition to cutting up the oldest street in Kentucky.

The contractors say they are doing the best they can. They say they are unable to start repaving until the lines have been fully tested.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of the Harrodsburg Herald.

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