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County To Amend Burn Ordinance

To make life easier on farmers, property owners and firefighters, the Mercer County Fiscal Court is amending the county’s open burn ordinance.

Since 2006, county ordinance has banned setting fires from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from October to December. The Mercer County Fire Protection District has asked the fiscal court to amend the ordinance to allow burning during daylight hours.

“We’d prefer people burn during the day,” said Glenn Phillips, the assistant chief of the Fire Protection District. Phillips said it would be safer for local firefighters.

“Fighting fires at night time is really dangerous for us,” Phillips said. He said the amendment would also make it easier for local farmers and property owners to clear their land.

The amended ordinance would allow residents on tracts larger than five acres to burn tree limbs, brush, dense vegetation (not including grass), fallen logs and timber downed by recent storms.

All other sections of the current ordinance would remain in effect, including prohibitions on banning trash, plastics, oils, paints, treated lumber, foams, shingles and tires and a ban on open flames within 150 feet of a wooded area or 50 feet of a structure or utility.

Those planning a burn also must call the Harrodsburg 911 center at 734-3311 and provide the location and duration of the burn as well as their contact information.

The amended ordinance will not go into effect until the fiscal court gives it second reading.

For more information, call Glenn Phillips at 859-619-1820.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of

While the burn ordinance is being amended, open fires are still prohibited within 150 feet of wooded areas and within 50 feet of utilities and structures.

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