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Will Burgin Go Wet?

Will Burgin be the next city in Mercer County to go wet?

Local leaders and business owners are sure thinking hard about it. Last month, the owner of Burgin Food Express on Main Street ran a notice in the Harrodsburg Herald applying for a retail malt beverage package license which came as a surprise to everyone, from city officials to Kentucky Alcohol Beverage Control to Burgin City Clerk Michelle Russell.

Ashok Patel, the owner of Burgin Express, came to city hall last week to ask the city council to hold an election on the issue.

“You’re not by yourself,” said Burgin Mayor George Hensley. “I’ve talked to Frankfort several times.”

Hensley said first there would need to be a petition with enough signatures to force a referendum.

“It has to be a vote within the city limits or within the  North and South Burgin voting precincts,” Hensley said.

If they elected to go through the voting precincts, Mercer County, which is still legally dry, would be involved.

Currently, licenses are available for producers like wineries or distilleries, but retail licenses are not allowed in Burgin, according to the ABC.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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