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The Haunted Frontier Returns To Old Fort Harrod

Laura Goode stays busy capturing moments and memories for Mercer County residents with her photography business throughout the year. However, for one week out of the year, Goode becomes the mastermind of creating thrills and horrors for visitors of Old Fort Harrod’s annual Haunted Frontier.

“Every year we have various themes, each section you go through has a different theme. We have a very popular movie theme we are playing off of this year,” Goode said.

Goode, along with David Coleman, Executive Director of Fort Harrod,  face a multitude of challenges creating the annual Halloween tradition.  They work to create the various scenes in the background as visitors and schools tour the grounds. The biggest challenge however, is keeping everyone guessing as to what they will encounter yearly.

“Coming up with new ideas that we haven’t done in the past is difficult because where we do multiple themes every year it’s hard to come up with themes that we haven’t already done,” Goode said.

Coleman says despite the challenge, with Goode in charge there is never a doubt that the program will deliver.

“Laura is the imagination department,” Coleman said, “She’s the brains behind it all.”

Admission for the Haunted Frontier is $7. The Haunted Frontier begins at dusk on Friday, Oct. 27 and runs through Halloween on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

Old Fort Harrod State Park Manager David Coleman calls Laura Goode the mastermind of the Haunted Frontier, which returns next week.
“Laura is the imagination department,” Coleman said. “She’s the brains behind it all.”

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