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Mercer Transformation Needs Help To Help

Mercer Transformation is looking for people to give. To give their money, to give their expertise and to give their time.

Pam Sims, who became president of Mercer Transformation in August, said the organization has two ministries. One is to save the former Harrodsburg High School building. The other is to serve the community.

Sims and former Mercer Transformation President Pete Presley, who now serves as the facility manager, say the Harrodsburg High School building is still in good shape. Especially after 1,200 members of the Conservative Mennonite Teachers Institute met for a training conference, where they upgraded some of the building’s plumbing and HVAC, installed shelving, installed a water heater and gave parts of the building a deep cleaning.

Presley and Sims said the Mercer County Fiscal Court has been “extremely helpful” in cleaning the property, providing dumpsters as well as inmates and offenders working community service hours.

Presley said the mold in the band room caused by a leaking roof has been eliminated and the old school is in full compliance with state regulations.

Sims said the roof over the former library needs to be replaced.

“That’s one of our priority projects,” she said.

Sims said she has toured the facility with a commercial roofing contractor who told her the school’s roof would be easy to repair.

“We really didn’t have a serious roof problem,” Sims said. “We’re in really good shape.”

Restoring the building is important, Sims said, not just because of its intrinsic historic value, but it can be used to house the other part of Mercer Transformation’s ministry, which is to the community.

Pete Presley, the facility manager at the Harrodsburg Community Center (formerly Harrodsburg High School), and Pam Sims, the new president of Mercer Transformation, say they need help preserving the building and serving the public.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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