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Walnut Street Residents Demand Action On Condemned House

When you mention dilapidated properties, most people imagine a deserted home, possibly one abandoned after being foreclosed. But sometimes the worst dilapidated properties are occupied.

That’s why local homeowners came to the Harrodsburg City Commission meeting Monday night to complain about the rental property at 314 Walnut Street. Even though the building has been condemned, the say they’re still dealing with the former tenants—and their dogs.

Dawn Raimondi lives next door to the condemned property. Ever since it became a rental property, Raimondi said she and the other residents have had issues with the tenants.

“We’ve had nothing but riffraff,” Raimondi said.

The city condemned the building—which has no electricity or running water—on Sept. 19, but Raimondi said the former tenants are still  around. She said they leave their dogs unattended.

“We’re tired of it,” Raimondi said.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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