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Burgin native stars in new film

Dalton Christopher
Herald Staff

Burgin native Billy Crank (second from right) stars in new film shot in Harrodsburg. (Photo submitted)

Burgin native Billy Crank is staying busy these days. His new independent comedy, “Corky and Bob Get a Job,” will premier Thursday, Sept. 28, at the State Theater in Lexington at 7:30 p.m.

“Corky and Bob Get a Job” is about two hapless guys out to pay their rent who unwittingly endanger their lives. The movie will look familiar. Over half of it was shot on location in Harrodsburg and Danville.

“The film has a family-friendly nostalgic feeling,” said filmmaker Leah McKelvey.

McKelvey connected with Crank through social media and they worked together on “Ernie and Ace’s Wild Ventura.” Because of the success of that film, McKelvey and codirector Ed McKelvey decided to write an original comedy starring Crank.

The film will be entered into film festivals across the US as McKelvey Productions pursues distribution.

Crank is an actor and comedian from Burgin who has appeared in television commercials, radio programs, podcasts and short films.

He is also known for his portrayal of the comedy character Ernest, created by John Cherry and the late great Jim Varney. Crank said the best thing about the experience was watching how other people enjoy it.

“A lot of parents come up to me in town and tell me that their kids just will not stop watching that movie,” Crank said.

Crank is glad his latest movie was filmed in Harrodsburg, where he started.

“I did a commercial for White Line, where I used to work,” Crank said, “I started at Studio G as a model, and then ‘the Legend of Daniel Boone’ came around.”

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