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Burgin ranks first in Career Energy and Power

Dalton Christopher
Herald Staff

Members of the BIS Advanced Career Energy and Power class are, from left to right: Trenten Freeland, Cassie Hunter, Greg Korte, Cade Shearer, Ethan Hopkins, Drew Hatfield, Daylan Hodges, Eden Smith and Chad Terrell. (The Harrodsburg Herald/Dalton Christopher)






Colin Powell once said there is no secret to success, it is simply the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Students at Burgin Independent School are putting that theory to the test.

Chad Terrell is the head coach for girl’s basketball at Burgin. The theory of hard work producing results is easy to see on the basketball court, without practice there is no progress. On the court and in the classroom, Terrell is teaching students the same concept.

“The most fun thing about this class is that you’re just troubleshooting the entire time.” said Greg Korte, a student in Terrell’s Advanced Career Energy and Power Class.

Although the students run into dead ends at times trying to analyze a project, they aren’t discouraged. It is an opportunity to learn to try it again with a new approach.

The class is divided into three groups, each with a different project to study and construct. Each day they begin class with an essential question, one they must research using scholarly sources, and learn self management skills to analyze the task at hand. The class promotes the ability to learn how to solve an issue in a trial by error process.

“I think the big thing is that it’s project based, it is very hands on.” Terrell said.

The class works hand in hand with Kentucky Utilities, a partnership that has given the students an opportunity to tour the KU facilities.

“I’m thankful for everything KU has done. They send people out all the time to grade presentations and give us help.” Terrell said.

Terrell explained that the course offers much more than self management and course work, it also prepares them to be career ready.

The curriculum is SREB Advanced Career Energy & Power.  The class is currently working with Marshall University on a dual-credit program. The class is a four year program where students can graduate receiving AP credit. Burgin is leaps and bounds above the competition.

“Our kids were the only high scoring school in the nation for course one in the fall, ranked one overall, and we were one of three high scoring schools for course two in the spring.” Terrell said.

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