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New Name But Same Mission For Former YMCA

Despite a new name, new board members and new leadership, the Wilderness Trace YMCA—now the Mercer Family Education and Wellness Center—say their mission is the same: to help the community.

That’s according to Debrah Pierce, the center’s CEO and office manager. On Monday, she discussed the center’s new strategy to help Mercer County. “We need the community’s support,” Pierce said, “and we’ll do everything we can to support the community.”

Pierce said the Center’s afterschool and preschool programs will continue. This fall, biddy ball will resume, as will flag football and basketball and adult league sports. She said it’s possible the Center may add adult volleyball leagues, dance for children and Pilates classes.

“It’s just a matter of funding and developing the programs,” she said.

One program Pierce specifically named was the fantasy band, which provides musical training to adults and children who have always wanted to perform with a band.

“We would like to see that program start to grow again,” she said.

She said the Center was still hoping to open the fitness facilities by September.

“We’re still working through everything,” she said.

Debrah Pierce, CEO of the Mercer Family Education and Wellness Center—formerly the Wilderness Trace YMCA—said the group’s name may have changed, but not their core mission.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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