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Josh Hamlin named Titans Head Basketball Coach

April Ellis
Herald Staff

The question of who will be the next Mercer Titans head basketball coach is finally answered, it’s Josh Hamlin.

For the last three years, Hamlin has been part of the coaching staff for either the girls or boys basketball teams and now looks forward to being at the helm. “I think this opportunity is really great. The tremendous groundwork that has been laid the last three years by Coach Cook and Coach young makes this one of the best coaching jobs in the 12th region,” said Hamlin.

Before coming to Mercer County, Hamlin also worked as a student assistant at Georgetown College and a graduate assistant at Eastern Kentucky University. He later worked for the middle school and varsity basketball programs in Montgomery County.

Hamlin sees his past coaching experience in middle school and his current middle school teaching position as a plus for the overall program, “This will be a unique opportunity to build the program early. I will already know the kids and their parents before they start high school. Building a strong middle school program is part of my long range plan.”

Hamlin said his first goal for the program is to get a staff hired. He is already working with school administration to see what positions are going to be available. “I’m going to use my contacts to get the best people I can in here. It’s hopeful that people are already reaching out to me.”

With summer ball quickly approaching, Hamlin has the  advantage of having established relationships with the players, but now they will have to get to know him as a varsity head coach.

“This summer, we are going to have to get the kids out there and just let them play. We have a lot to do and that means learning each and every day,” he said.

Hamlin and his wife, Sara, who is also in the school district, look forward to strengthening their ties to Mercer County.

“My family loves Mercer County and Sara and I look forward to raising our son, Knox, here. We are extremely excited about the opportunity here.”

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