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Amalie Preston: History Mystery Solver

May is National Historical Preservation Month and lifelong Mercer Countian Amalie Preston said she was  struck with the history bug at a young age.

Preston said she was always an attentive and curious as a child. Some of her favorite memories come from listening to the stories of her elders and asking them questions about their past.

“In my day, there was visiting for the sake of visiting,” she said. “Probably two to three times a week there were going to be either my grandparents or aunts, uncles and cousins over. And oh, do I remember the stories.”

Preston, who grew up on Oregon Road and still lives in her childhood home, felt a connection to history.

“It dawned on me soon in school when we were studying Kentucky history in the 6th grade, we were studying the great generals and all of these notables, and I got to thinking, where were my people when all of that was going on?” she said.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

Amalie Preston, a lifelong Mercer Countian, says she has always loved history and historical buildings as they tell stories of the past.

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