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Burgin trapshooter shoots perfect score

Arpan Dixit

Herald Staff

Having a perfect score in sports is rare at any level, but one Burgin freshman proved that with time and dedication to your craft, anything is possible.

Hunter Martin, a member of the Burgin trapshooting team, shot a perfect score of 25, which means Martin connected on 25 shots in a row without missing. The shoot was held at the Bluegrass Sportmans League in Wilmore on Thursday, April 27.

Head Coach Doug Rulon knows this is a big deal for Burgin trapshooting and things can only look up from here with his young squad, he said. “It’s a really hard thing to do in this sport,” said Rulon. “Anyone’s first 25 is a big milestone and Hunter is the first in our program to ever do it.”

Although the program has only existed for less than a year, Martin talked about what it meant for him accomplishing this milestone.

“It meant a lot to me being the first on the team to get a perfect score in the first year of the sport for Burgin,” said Martin. “It is a big accomplishment for me and our whole team and I am sure in the future, this will be a much more common thing at Burgin.”

Rulon, who has shot all his life, is the perfect coach for this young group that is determined to get better each and every time they step on the course.

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