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Burgin Sewer: Who Gets the Bill?

The City of Burgin is disputing the sewer bill. And the city’s sewer system isn’t even running yet.

Three members of Burgin’s City Council—Syndicat “Sid” Dunn, David Caldwell and Katrina Sexton—met with the Mercer County Sanitation District on Thursday, April 13.

At issue is how much money the city stands to collect from the sewer bills once the system is up and running.

Burgin expects to receive 10-percent of the proceeds in exchange for handling billing, while the sanitation district will keep the rest to operate and maintain the system and repay  $10 million in USDA loans.

Sanitation District General Manager Mike Sanford said he took exception to the way Burgin Mayor George Hensley had characterized the negotiations at the last city council meeting.

“I take full offense to that,” Sanford said.

He objected especially to Hensley’s suggestion that the district had backed out of a deal with the city.

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

A Grant’s Excavating crew installs sewer lines in front of the Burgin Baptist Church on Thursday.

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