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Harrodsburg receives sidewalk grant

The City of Harrodsburg is receiving a $302,000 grant to repair and extend the sidewalks on the Mooreland Avenue and Perryville Road.

The state already awarded $509,000 towards the project.

Altogether, the project—which includes the installation of sidewalks on Perryville Street all the way to the Harlow Education Center as well as improvements to drainage at the Perryville-Mooreland intersection—is slated to cost  nearly $900,000.

The City of Harrodsburg will commit $75,000 in matching funds, as well as   $78,000 in kind contribution.

“Grants can get expensive,” said Harrodsburg Mayor Eddie Long.

“That’s great news,” said Julie Wagner, executive director of Harrodsburg First Main Street Program. Wagner been working on the grant proposals for over two years. “That means we can finally move forward.”

To learn more, check out this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

Sidewalks on the way to Harlow Education Center along Mooreland Avenue will be repaired with the grant.

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