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Burgin Breaks Open Records Law

The City of Burgin has been found to be in violation of state law, according to a ruling from the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office.

The attorney general found the city violated the Open Records Act by failing to respond within three days to a request filed by former Police Chief Jim Caldwell.

While noting the city only employs two clerks who each works 22 hours a week, the attorney general’s staff still called Burgin’s response “troubling,” saying the city has an obligation as a public agency to comply with the requirements of the Open Records Act.

“As the city’s response to the request was six business days beyond the three days statutorily allowed, that response was a violation,” the attorney general found.

Caldwell, who served as Burgin’s sole police officer for 21 years, was fired by Major George Hensley on Jan. 12. Caldwell says he was told by Hensley he was terminated because of “direct insubordination,” including statements the former police chief made to The Harrodsburg Herald.

Looking for evidence to appeal his termination, Caldwell filed open records request for at least 15 documents on Jan. 13, according to the ruling. Public agencies are required by law to respond to requests within three business days by either providing access to the records or citing exemptions in the law that allow records to be withheld.

To learn more, pick up this week’s issue of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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