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City Commission agrees to pay for sewer line extension

The Harrodsburg Board of Commissioners agreed to pay part of the costs for extending a sewer line for a local homeowner, but it was a close issue. Commissioners Jack Coleman and Charlie Mattingly voted for the measure, while Commissioner Scott Moseley, the son of the  petitioner, abstained and Mayor Eddie Long voted against it.

At the last meeting, Scott Moseley’s father, former city commissioner Jim Moseley, asked the commissioners to pay for a 700-foot sewer line extension to connect his $200,000 house in the Bellaire subdivision to the city sewer system. The commissioners in turn asked Coleman, who oversees the sewer department, to look into the matter. Coleman and Jim Moseley reached an agreement to split the costs for the extension—estimated to be $5,611.08—after subtracting the $1,037 sewer tap fee the homeowner had already paid. Under the terms of the agreement, Jim Moseley and the city would each pay $2,287 to extend the line, with Moseley responsible for the costs of restoring the property to its original condition after the utility work is completed.

Commissioners Coleman and Mattingly said they would like to amend the city’s ordinance covering the cost of line extensions. Mayor Long agreed, but said he would have preferred if the ordinance had been amended first. Long wondered about people who have asked the city to pay for line extensions in the past.

“My only concern is we’ve turned a lot of people down,” he said. “We should have changed the ordinance first.”

To learn more, check out this week’s edition of The Harrodsburg Herald.

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